The Stations

The Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department has two stations.  Members respond to the station which is closest to them at the time of the call.  The station nearest the member's home is considered his or her station and the dividing line is Crim Road.  Each station is commanded by a Captain with two Lieutenants and an Engineer under his or her command.

Station 1

Dedicated in 1998, Martinsville Fire Department Station 1 is located at the intersection of Washington Valley and Mt Horeb Roads.   The larger of the two stations, Station 1 is known  as headquarters.  Here the offices of the Chief, President, and Fire Commissioners are located.  Station 1 is home to three pieces of fire fighting apparatus: 43-101 (Pierce major pumper), 43-145 (E-One interface engine), and 43-151 (Ford support unit). Station 1 is also the location of the Fire Department's meetings, parties, and elections.  The Board of Fire Commissioners also has its monthly meeting here.


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Station 2

Martinsville Fire Department Station 2 was dedicated in 1969. It is located in the western side of Fire District 1 on Washington Valley Road near the intersection with Brown Road.  Station 2 is mainly used to house apparatus.  The station is home to 43-102 (E-One major pumper), 43-103 (Pierce major pumper), and 43-141 (Ford brush truck).